Intake for Your Skin's Health

Caring for Your Skin by Monitoring What You Ingest

You Wear on Your Face What You Ingest

April 19th, 2014

intake and skinObviously, the causes of acne are complicated. If they were not, no one would have it. Particularly for severe cases of acne, we have moved away from the idea that this skin condition is mostly a topical problem, and have begun to focus on the disease’s metabolic and hormonal causes, which are much more difficult to control than a basic skin cleansing regimen. Studies into the metabolic causes of acne are revealing that, for people who are acne prone, food, drink and other substances can act as a medicine or as a toxin, giving those who struggle with pimples a good reason to watch what they ingest, and to consider detoxing for the skin.

I say “ingest” instead of “eat” because it is not just food and drink that affect the skin. As we know, smoking and injecting substances into the body can have permanent affects on the skin as well. Anything toxic that the body absorbs has an affect on the skin, and for those who are acne prone, the affects will be much more noticeable than for others. Here are some common things that are known to cause break outs in acne prone skin:

  • alcohol: causes skin inflammation and irritation, increases swelling in the┬áskin and inhibits good circulation, leading to breakouts
  • cigarettes: bad for overall skin health as blood vessels tighten when you smoke and allow less circulation to the outer layer of skin.
  • drugs: both prescription and non-prescription drugs of different varieties can have negative effects on the skin, so be sure to discuss your medication’s effects on your skin with your doctor.
  • greasy,┬áprocessed foods or foods containing excessive sugar and fat: as a general rule, if it is bad for your heart and your waistline, it is bad for your skin as well.

The moral for acne prone people is, when it comes to what you put in your body, keep it as natural, healthy and balanced as possible. Acne is largely a metabolic problem, meaning you cannot process the toxins in your body like other people can and you have to take extra care in caring for your skin. If you are a Canadian who is struggling with skin problems due to substance abuse, consider the services of Canada alcohol rehab or Canada drug addiction treatment. These services will monitor your intake and see that you ingest only substances that are good for your body and skin.