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Acne Medications

February 4th, 2015

medication for acneThere are some pros and cons to acne medications. Acne medications largely consist of antibiotics and hormone medications. These options work well long term for some people and not as well for others. Many people find they have to spend time in a trial and error phase with acne medications to find the one that works right for them. Acne medication does not negate the need for a responsible diet, exercise regimen and sleep schedule for your skin’s health, but particularly in severe cases of acne, it can play a very important role.

Antibiotics for acne can be useful, but complicated. Antibiotics for acne are actually not meant to treat the infection itself, but rather are meant to alter the oil glands of the skin in order to produce less oil. The only problem with this is that skin will develop a tolerance to the antibiotic and will no longer be effective. The recommended method for taking acne antibiotics is to be on them for approximately two weeks, then off them for approximately two more weeks. Continuing this cycle will keep the skin from developing a tolerance. Antibiotics can have some negative side effects, such as photosensitivity.

Hormone medications, such as birth control for women, are also frequently used to treat acne. This is because acne is largely attributed to hormonal irregularities. Teenagers are the age group most prone to acne because of puberty and the influx of hormones in their bodies. One of the leading causes of adult acne is ongoing hormonal irregularity. Hormone medications work to balance these irregularities and clear the skin of acne. These medications can have drawbacks as well. Many people complain of drastic mood swings due to their hormone levels changing suddenly. Other people experience nausea or headaches. Again, experimentation is critical when it comes to choosing a medication that can work for you long term.

If your skin is scarred by acne, you may want to consider laser therapy or cosmetic surgery. Kelowna cosmetic surgeons can improve the appearance of your skin and restore it to its original smoothness and texture. Do not hide behind make up any longer. Instead, reach out for a permanent solution to acne scars.

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