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Diet Advice for Acne Prone People

September 3rd, 2014

acne diet adviceDiet is a huge piece of the healthy skin puzzle. Anyone with acne issues cannot afford to forego nutrition. The reason for this is that the skin, like every other organ, is affected by the toxicity and the medicinal qualities of the things we eat. We do not know the exact cause of acne, but we do know that in part it has to do with the skin reacting to food in an abnormal way. It could be that acne prone people lack a certain enzyme to break down ingested substances. It could be a metabolism problem. Medical science is still looking into these questions, but in the mean time, we can make correlations between ingested substances and the general health of skin.

Here is a list of foods that are known to help fight acne:

  • Vegetables of all varieties: these natural foods contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, acidity and antioxidants to fight infection.
  • Fruits of all varieties: these natural foods¬†contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, acidity and antioxidants to fight infection.
  • Natural spices: foods such as jalapenos, habaneros, cayenne pepper, ginger and wasabi are excellent for the skin as they boost metabolism and circulation.
  • Yogurt and other probiotic supplements: probiotics are essential to intestinal health, where much of the immune system lives. The body fights infection with a strong immune system.
  • Wheat and grain carbs: these natural sources of carbs are easier on the digestive system than white flours.
  • Olive oil: good for softening the skin and arteries.
  • The right kinds of proteins: proteins that contain monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, omega 3’s and fatty acids, such as fish, nuts and avocados act as healthy moisturizers to the skin and replenish it with lipids that give it a young vibrancy.
  • Water and other hydration: as critical to the skin as it is to every other bodily system.

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